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Counsellor, CBT & Menopause Coach

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Welcome to the program! I am a person who has always been there to listen, understand and guide. My journey is both personal and professional, characterized by deep conversations and genuine encounters, with a warm and open attitude, I have dedicated my life to being a pillar of support for those seeking guidance and comfort.


Personal and Professional Journey

Already as a young teenager, I realized my natural ability to be a counsellor. People of all ages turned to me to share their thoughts, seek advice or just to be heard. This early experience of being a listening friend laid the foundation for my professional vocation.

Between the ages of 17 and 22, I worked on a medical ward, an experience that shaped me in many ways. Every week I faced death and its impact on people. I learned the importance of empathy and compassion, not only in caring for patients but also in supporting their families through their grief. This led me to further training in grief counselling in Rimforsa, where I deepened my understanding of human emotional needs. As a trained nurse and mental health nurse, I have a solid foundation for understanding and helping others.


Education and training

My passion for supporting women in their unique health needs has led me to become trained in women's health. I am a menopause coach and hormone yoga teacher, and have competencies in Nidra yoga, lymphatic health and mindfulness. These skills enable me to offer holistic care and support through the different life stages of women.

I also have a deep understanding of neurodiversity, with particular experience in ADHD and the autism spectrum. Through my experience, I can offer support and strategies that are tailored to individuals' unique needs and challenges.

My work encompasses a range of services tailored to meet your individual needs. My services include GROW therapy and talk therapy, where I create an environment of calm and understanding. My specialty in menopausal counselling helps women navigate through this tumultuous phase with support and guidance.

As a person, I am straightforward and clear, but always grounded in care and understanding. I strongly believe in the importance of creating an open and safe space where you can feel free to express yourself. My philosophy is that good communication and responsiveness are fundamental in any therapeutic relationship. My aim is not only to be a counsellor, but also a trusted partner on your journey towards wellbeing and self-discovery.


My heart and soul have always been at the center of my work as a counsellor. My own journey through life's ups and downs, including personal close experiences of NPF, exhaustion, anxiety, and codependency, has given me a deeper understanding and empathy for the challenges of others. 🌱 As a teenager, I was already the one that friends and family turned to for advice and support, leading me on this path of care and guidance.

I have made my way through the rollercoaster of menopause with its physical and emotional challenges. This journey has given me a special insight and ability to support other women navigating this tumultuous phase of life.

Every step I've taken, and every challenge I've faced, has strengthened my conviction that empathy, understanding, and genuine dialogue can light the way through life's darkest moments. As your counsellor, I am here to listen, understand and guide you.

My advice

  • Listen to your body: pay attention to your body's signals. Hormonal changes, stress, and fatigue can all be signs that you need to slow down or change your lifestyle.
  • Breathe and focus: Practise regular mindfulness or meditative exercises like Nidra yoga. This can help you to centre your mind and manage everyday stress.
  • Create self-care routines: Dedicate time each day to self-care, whether it's through a hobby, reading, or a relaxing bath. This helps to restore both physical and mental energy.
  • Balance your diet: A balanced diet can positively impact both your physical and mental health. Focus on nutritious foods that support hormonal balance and boost energy.
  • Move regularly: Regular physical activity, such as hormone yoga, can improve your mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Seek Support When Needed: Don't hesitate to seek professional help if you are struggling with mental health problems. Counselling can be an important tool for processing and managing emotions and experiences.
  • Develop Positive Relationships: Surround yourself with people who lift you up and provide positive energy. Good relationships are crucial to our emotional well-being.
  • Accept and Adapt: Change is a part of life. Learn to accept change and adapt to it with an open mind.
  • Take Time for Reflection: Take time to reflect on your experiences and feelings. Journal or use creative ways of expression to process your thoughts and feelings.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself, both short and long term. This gives a sense of purpose and direction in life.

External training


Certified Counselling Therapist 2018-2020


GROW Therapist

The GROW model is a tool used in coaching and is a way to find a path from goal to action. The meaning is like the English word grow, to grow, which in this case aims to get the person being coached to develop and better utilise their inner potential.

Rimforsa Folk High School

Grief counselling course

Conversation skills for extensive issues

Nursing assistant and mental health nurse

Thapperska Nursing programme 1988-1990

Hormonyoga Ellen Engvall

Hormone Yoga Teacher

This programme gives you knowledge and experience in Medical Yoga in general and specialised knowledge of Medical Yoga for hormonal balance, HormonyYoga. Medical Yoga is a body-mind tool where you learn to understand your body so that you can influence your health.

Monika Bear

Certified Strong through menopause coach step 1 and 2

Fatigue, mood swings, low energy, sleep problems, hot flashes, sweating, depression, poor focus and unexplained weight gain are all symptoms and signs that can be linked to the natural change in your hormone levels during menopause.


Yoga Nidra teacher 2023

Managing mindfulness, breathing and meditation

CBT- Therapist according to ICF core competences

Academy Compassion with Katarina Mannheimer

Narcissim, Attachment Theory and Borderline 2017

Working with Compassion and Attachment Theory

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