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I was born in Paris in the 60s where I spent my first 7 years of life. My mum was Swedish and my dad was French-Italian. When they divorced, my two older siblings and I moved to Sweden with my mum.

I believe my interest in helping people stems from a need and a great curiosity to understand how we become who we become and what drives us. Growing up in a Stockholm suburb in the 70s, I was surrounded by quite a lot of psychosocial difficulties, which led me to apply for, and get into, the School of Social Work and become a social worker. Early on I decided that I also wanted to become a psychotherapist and after 10 years in social services, I then studied to become a licensed psychotherapist and now I have worked with CBT / cognitive behavioral therapy for about 23 both in adult psychiatry at both specialist level and in primary care and am also a trained supervisor and have trained and supervised at basic psychotherapy courses. In addition, I have training in ACT/acceptance and commitment therapy which is a further development of CBT.

My advice

  • Dare to stop and try to register what you are thinking, what you are feeling and what impulse you are getting. By training your attention to what we call triggers, you will have one of the most important tools to start changing the thought and behavioral patterns that are holding you back and be able to start changing them.
  • It can be anything from self-critical thoughts that create shame and guilt, worries about the future, what others will think and think of you, or a fear of not being good enough, for example. Step 1 is to start identifying the pieces of the puzzle; you have the pieces and I know how to put the puzzle together! :)
  • Then we work together to rearrange the puzzle so that life becomes easier and so that you can become your own best friend!

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you´ve got " - "This too shall pass"

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