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Welcome to couple’s counselling at Lavendla

Life constantly exposes us to new challenges. These challenges can be difficult to understand, manage and get through. Our therapists and coaches guide and support you in your relationship. You will be given new tools to find your balance in everyday life. With us there are no stupid questions, we meet you where you are, based on your conditions.

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– We are Lavendla. Our goal is to Make the difficult easier.

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How much does couples counselling in Hamilton cost?

The cost of couples therapy in Hamilton varies depending on the experience of the therapist and the length of the session. On average, you can expect to pay between $100-200 CAD per hour. It is important to research different options to find a therapist that fits your needs and budget.

Can counselling save your relationship?

In many cases, couple therapy can be an effective tool to repair and stabilize your relationship. By working with a therapist, couples can learn new methods of communication, understand each other’s needs better, and resolve underlying conflicts. However, it requires commitment and willingness from both parties.

When is it time for counselling?

It is time for couples’ counselling when communication begins to break down, when conflicts become more frequent or severe, or when there is a sense of alienation or unhappiness in the relationship. Seeking help early can prevent these problems from getting worse.

How long does it take to see results from counselling?

Results from couple’s counselling can vary depending on the specific problems and how committed the partners are to the process. Some couples may notice improvements after a few sessions, while others may need more time.

Do both parties need to be present at each session?

It is ideal that both parties are present at each session to ensure that both perspectives are heard and addressed. However, individual sessions can also be useful in some cases.

How to choose the right therapist for couples' counselling?

When choosing a therapist for couples therapy, you should consider the therapist’s experience, training, and treatment methods. It is also important to have a good rapport and trust with the therapist.

What is the difference between couple therapy and family therapy?

Couple therapy focuses on the relationship between two partners, while family therapy includes treatment of the whole family and focuses on the family dynamics and relationships between all family members.

Can you go to counselling even if you don't have major problems in your relationship?

Absolutely. Couples counselling can be preventive and help strengthen the relationship even when there are no obvious problems.

How do you deal with feelings of shame or stigma around seeking counselling?

Recognising the need for help is a sign of strength. Seeking counselling is a proactive step towards a healthier and stronger relationship. It is important to remember that many couples experience challenges and that therapy can be a valuable resource.

What should can be expected during the first counselling session?

During the first session, the therapist will usually ask questions to understand the couple’s history and the challenges they face. It is also a chance for the couple to ask questions and get a feel for the therapist’s approach.

What is marriage counselling or couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on strengthening relationships and resolving conflicts between partners. It is a journey that can be explored both physically and digitally through our secure video conferencing service.

How can counselling help you?

Improving communication: Often misunderstandings occur due to poor communication. Couples therapy helps to develop a healthy communication style.


Resolves conflicts: Through therapy, couples can learn to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.


Rediscovering love: Sometimes the stress of everyday life can cause love to take a back seat. Counselling helps couples rediscover and strengthen their love.

Lavendlas therapy: personalised and flexible


Our video conferencing service gives you the freedom to attend therapy sessions wherever you are. It is a flexible and safe way to get professional help, without having to travel.


Our mission: Making the difficult easier

At Lavendla, our goal is to make the therapy process as easy and rewarding as possible. We adapt our methods to your unique needs and situations to ensure your therapy really makes a difference.

Expectations and results

Empathetic understanding: Our therapists work to understand both partners’ perspectives.

Individual and joint development: We focus on both individual growth and relationship development.

Confidential and safe environment: Your conversations are always confidential and safe.

Getting started with counselling

Starting couples therapy is a big step towards a stronger and more harmonious relationship. Contact us today to book an appointment. Our therapists look forward to supporting you on your journey towards a better and more loving relationship.

Tips for those considering counselling

Understanding the purpose of therapy

Before starting couples therapy, it is important that you both understand why you are seeking help. Counselling is about improving communication, resolving conflicts and strengthening relationships. It is a place for honesty and openness.

Choosing the right therapist

It is crucial to find a therapist that you both feel comfortable with. Make sure that the therapist has experience in couple therapy and that their method and approach suits you both.