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At Lavendla, you can book your first session with a psychologist or therapist online and start your treatment from home or wherever is most convenient for you.

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Many of us are already used to performing various tasks online, from grocery shopping to banking. But can online psychological sessions really be as effective as face-to-face ones?

Before you decide to take this important step towards better psychological health, you can book one of our therapists or psychologists for an initial 20-minute session and see how you feel.

Availability and flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a psychologist online is accessibility. After a few clicks, you can already be in a private conversation with a qualified psychologist. This is particularly helpful for those living in remote areas, where access to psychological services may be limited.

  • No travel: You save time and money by not having to travel.
  • More choice: Online services open the door to a larger pool of experts than is available locally.

What set our therapist apart was her genuine empathy and personal insight. Not only did she possess a deep understanding of neurodiversity, but she also shared personal experiences that resonated with us, creating an instant connection and fostering a sense of trust!

Benedetta Osarenk

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Anonymity and security

Many people feel a stigma about seeking psychological help. Therefore, online conversations, which allow some anonymity, can make it easier to open up and talk about sensitive topics. All this from the safety of your own home.

Continuity and consistency

But it is not only practical aspects that make online psychology a good choice. It also provides an opportunity for continuity of care. You can talk to the same expert no matter where you are, creating a smoother and more consistent care experience.

Next steps

Before deciding on a form of treatment, it is important to make a thorough assessment of your needs. If you are in an emergency situation, it is always best to contact 112 or other professional care immediately. But for those with mild to moderate problems, online psychology offers an effective, economical and accessible solution. So why not take the first step to a healthier mind today?

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5 common questions about hiring an online psychologist

Is talking to a psychologist online as effective as seeing one in person?

Yes, many studies have shown that online therapy is just as effective as traditional therapy. Most clients experience significant improvements in their psychological well-being, and many find it even more convenient to meet via video conference.

How does an online psychology session work?

You book an appointment on our website and receive a link to our secure video conferencing platform. The session is then conducted just like a regular therapy session, but via a screen. Since it is online, you can be in an environment where you feel comfortable.

Is it safe to use a psychologist online?

Absolutely. Our psychologists follow strict ethical guidelines and all information is encrypted. The video sessions take place on a secure platform that protects your privacy and confidential information.

Can I use insurance to pay for online therapy?

Yes, most insurance companies cover the cost of online psychology services. However, it is important that you check with your insurance company before starting therapy to be sure.

Does it work to hire an online psychologist even if I’m not tech-savvy?

Yes, our platform is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and a stable internet connection. As a result, even those who are not tech-savvy have been able to use the service easily.

Written by Ellen Lindgren

Licensed psychologist

Ellen is a licensed psychologist and has experience mainly in clinical psychology where she has worked with various conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, crises and trauma in primary care and psychiatry. She has also worked with research while studying in the US and with affective disorders and insomnia at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.