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Lizl Rand

Psychotherapist, coach, psychological first aid instructor

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Anxiety, nervousness, worries, relationship problems, hot flashes, mood swings, less energy, need to be alone, feelings of stress, anxiety, depression... If you know about this, I can help you.


Many people experience crises throughout their lives that can manifest as stress, grief, anxiety, sad thoughts, sleep problems, overthinking and physical discomfort. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to feel better.


Do you need to find peace of mind and handle life's challenges better? Or are you struggling in your relationship and want help on how to communicate better? As your therapist, I'm here to listen, understand and support you (and possibly your partner) and give you tools to increase your well-being and mental strength. With my many years of professional experience and empathy, I create a safe and trusting space where you can explore your feelings and thoughts.


Together, we will identify and work with the patterns that are holding you back so you can achieve the changes you want in your life. I adapt the therapy to your individual needs and goals, and together we create a customized plan for your personal development.


Through therapeutic techniques and tools, you will learn to manage stress, anxiety and other challenges with greater confidence and inner strength. My focus is not only on relieving symptoms but also on promoting long-lasting and meaningful change in your life.


Whether you're struggling with relationship issues, self-development, or trauma, I'm here to guide you. Invest in yourself and your mental health today so you can live a life filled with balance, joy and meaning. Take the first step by contacting me for a confidential conversation. 🌱💫


I am a member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association. As a member, I fulfill several criteria regarding education and experience to be allowed to call myself a psychotherapist MPF. This title is your guarantee that as a therapist I have the competencies needed to provide the right help and treatment.


I graduated in 2005 from the Psychotherapeutic Institute, where I took the 4-year program in experience-oriented psychotherapy on an existential basis.


I am a certified instructor in psychological first aid from the Psychiatry Foundation and have had thousands of conversations with people in crisis, the mentally ill and relatives.


In addition to my work as a psychotherapist, I have extensive experience in the media industry, as I am also a trained journalist and have served as editor-in-chief of several magazines as well as a board member of Aller Media A/S and part of the top management.


I have written the bestseller "Get Strong Out of your anxiety" (2012) and the book for relatives "Close to Crisis and illness" (2016).


I swear by neither one guru nor one theory. I am a seeker of knowledge and evidence and follow curiously so that I can constantly adapt and offer the latest methods and experiences. My goal is for you to experience a positive difference by gaining insights and tools to live a harmonious life.


Ever since I can remember, I have been driven by curiosity about why and how we act about ourselves and others. And how we perceive life and deal with the bumps that we all encounter on the road of life. This curiosity has led me to become a trained psychotherapist and journalist, which means that I have always worked with people without prejudice.

As a young person, I experienced being ill with stress and anxiety and therefore know first-hand how it feels to have the rug pulled out from under you and be in free fall, thinking you're going crazy or seriously ill. And that's why I can offer you hope, both from my own experience and from the thousands of conversations I've had with men and women in crisis: it is possible to get better and for your situation to change.

We all have our secrets, big and small, that for one reason or another, we don't want or dare to share with others. But sharing in a confidential space can be cathartic - I know this from experience - both privately and professionally. 

My advice

  • Therapy by phone and online
  • Some may think that you can't get in-depth and targeted work over the phone or online - but yes, you can. And sometimes even better, because there are no other distractions and you can concentrate on the voice and the words.
  • In addition, many people find that it's easier and faster because they don't have to spend time traveling or energy meeting. My phone/online sessions are also very flexible in terms of times and days.
  • In addition to the conversations, I follow up with emails/texts with good advice and summaries of focus points, so you have something tangible to support you alongside the conversations.

External training

Psychotherapeutic Institute



Psychiatry Foundation

Instructor in psychological first aid


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