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As a licensed psychotherapist, I specialize in therapy. I am a behavioral scientist with a master's degree in both psychology and medicine. In addition, I am a mindfulness instructor and LGBTQ certified. I have over 20 years of experience. As a person, I am calm and empathetic and for me it is important that you feel safe with me. It should simply feel right!

My focus is to make you feel better so that you can live more the way you want, no matter what problems you are struggling with. The way there looks different and the two of us need to find the path and the tools that suit you.

I work with CBT, the most effective therapy method. As a complement, I work with relational therapy. An optimal combination! I usually work with shorter therapies, usually around 10 sessions. That should be enough to achieve long-term effects. I offer discounted packages of 5 and 10 sessions. My clinic is located at Brännkyrkagatan 41A, in Södermalm. I also offer counseling via video.


You are welcome to come to me whether you are struggling with anxiety, worry, stress, depression, self-esteem, relationship problems or something else that affects you. Maybe you do not know exactly why you feel bad and then you can get help to understand it and what you need to change to make you feel better. Whatever the problem, CBT has concrete tools to help you live more like you want to.

Couple therapy

I have been working with couples therapy for several years. The reasons why couples seek therapy vary, common reasons are communication problems, recurring conflicts, sexual difficulties, infidelity and separation. Couples counselling can help you explore different strategies and give you tools to deal with your problems in a better way. Together, you can create a more stable foundation for a long-lasting and balanced relationship. Many couples I have met over the years feel that they come out of couples therapy stronger and ready to face any problems in the future as a team.

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Having the opportunity to help other people based on my expertise is something I find very meaningful.

My advice

  • There is no point in waiting any longer! Tackle your problems today so you can live more like you want to. What could be more important than that?
  • Choose your therapist carefully! Important things to consider are experience, training, and authorization. Of course, it should also feel right in the meeting with your therapist.

External training

Karolinska Institute

Psychotherapist programme


Karolinska Institute

Master's degree in medicine



HBTQ certifiering


Mindfulness center

Certified Mindfulness Instructor


Linkoping University

Basic psychotherapy training, PDT


Linkoping University

Master's degree in psychology


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