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Grief counsellor

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I have worked with grief in various contexts over several years. I originally graduated with a Master's degree. in psychology and cultural encounter studies, which has since been supplemented with a four-year psychotherapy program as well as continuing education in nature therapy and CFT. I currently work with grief groups - and have my practice in Denmark, where I have a centrally located clinic.


First and foremost, I am motivated to make grief a premise for life that we can grow out of. But I also have a personal experience of loss and grief that drives me to find a way to use grief constructively in life after the loss of important people. 

My advice

Grief is a natural reaction to loss - and therefore it involves difficult emotions such as loss and longing - perhaps regret and bitterness. If the difficult emotions don't go away on their own, grief therapy can be a great way to kick-start the natural grieving process. Because even though it can be difficult to understand, grief always holds the potential for new life - and new perspectives on what we have lost - to emerge.


External training

Roskilde University

MA in Psychology and Culture and Language Encounter Studies

ID Academy


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