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If I had been born in another body, it would possibly have been in that of an elephant. Not because of the size but of the large ears. Now, I don't know if elephants hear extremely well or if they are good at listening. In any case, I am very good at listening. I am also calm and confident. Since my youth, I listened to and supported my friends, my volleyball team, and vmy fellow students. I always tried to take the other person's perspective and help find solutions instead of creating problems. The person in front of me is important and carries so much knowledge. It is perhaps not surprising that I chose to train as a teacher and then as a coach and then as an officer. Encountering people and helping them to develop both themselves and their environment is one of the most valuable things I know. It doesn't matter if it's teenagers, parents, other adults, individually or in groups. When life is great or when it can seem a bit hopeless. Or when it feels like things are at a standstill, there are conflicts or you need to do something new to make something else happen.

My starting point is to start where you are and to be responsive and listen actively to help you find the direction you want. By finding it, it is also easier to set goals for your desires and needs and through that, we can then find together what paths you can take.

It's so important to realize that you are the writer, director and star of your own life. Of course, all of this can be a bit difficult to see and understand yourself and that's where coaching can come in.

We do not rummage in the past but think about what it looks like now and where you want to go.


I am genuinely interested in people's well-being and want to support others to find the motivation that drives them towards what they want. Or for that matter to find the answer that they are just in the right place in life even if everyone else says...

Seeing other people and their differences and the richness they can bring is also something I wish the whole world could see and accept. Therefore, I am also driven by listening to my client to adapt my coaching style to that particular client.

I believe that the world will be a better place if everyone is allowed to feel that they have a good quality of life. It is easier to take care of yourself, of others in your close circle but also of others you do not know personally. 

My advice

Everything starts and ends with you.

You are overwhelmed by a very strong feeling. Take a deep breath and think about what that feeling is. Just stopping and doing this usually helps so that you don't rush in and act on that feeling and then feel sorry for yourself because you couldn't "control yourself". It is okay not to control yourself, but it is better to do so if you have consciously chosen to do so.

Keep an open mind and dare to choose to grow.

Don't focus on what others think and feel, or what you think they think and feel. What matters is what you think and feel. Especially about yourself.

You are the most important person in your life. By looking after your own needs, you can also continue to be there for others. But you come first.

External training

Coach Companion International Coach Federation US

ICF Certified Professional Coach PCC


Coach Companion

Coaching groups and teams


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The coaching leadership


Coach Companion

Health Coach


Barbro Holm-Ivarsson

Coach in the Forgiveness Process


The Humanist Association



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