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Price 45 min €90 and 90 min €165

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As a psychologist, my goal is to create a comfortable space where you feel heard and supported. I believe in tailoring therapy to fit your unique needs, drawing from a range of effective techniques:


Affect-Focused Dynamic Psychotherapy: Ever feel like your emotions are steering the ship? Affect-focused therapy helps us explore how your feelings impact your daily life and relationships, guiding us toward balance and insight.

Relational Psychoanalysis: Struggling with the way relationships shape your self-image? Relational therapy dives into the complex interplay between who you are and how you connect with others, fostering growth and understanding.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Are negative thoughts holding you back? CBT empowers you to recognize and reshape harmful patterns, unlocking new pathways to a more fulfilling life.


Whether you're seeking individual support or looking to strengthen your relationship, I'm here to help.


I recognize the profound healing power of being truly listened to. However, I also understand that in our busy lives and relationships, finding the space for that level of attention can be challenging. My choice to pursue a career as a psychologist stems from a deep-seated desire to provide others with the opportunity to be heard and understood on their own terms.

My advice

  • Instead of trying to ignore or push your feelings away, take a moment to think about what they are trying to tell you.
    • Every emotion carries valuable signals about our needs. By being aware of your feelings and what they are signaling, you can learn to understand and manage them.
  • Have you ever reflected on why some fears feel more threatening than others?
    • It might be worth examining the deep-rooted assumptions you carry about yourself, the world around you, and other people. These underlying assumptions can shape our fears and influence how we interpret situations. By being aware of them, you can start exploring and questioning their validity.
  •  Are you particularly hard on yourself?
    • Often these self-critical thoughts are a way for us to try to create a sense of control in situations that feel overwhelming. It's important to remember that these thoughts can give us a false sense of control. Being aware of when these negative thoughts appear and what triggers them can be the first step towards starting to reshape them.

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