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I come with a background as a nurse. I have several coaching programs behind me, I am an ICF-certified master coach and for the past three years, I have specialized in understanding the Three Principles.

As a human being, I am curious. Curious about other people, myself, the world, motivations and opportunities. I have many years of experience in developing, counseling and guiding people and in having difficult conversations. In my work as a nurse and coach, I have worked with many different people at many different points in their lives.

I work from the understanding of "The Three Principles" also called "3P" or "Inside-out" understanding. 3P is a paradigm shift in psychology. 3P coaching is based on the fact that we always experience the world from the inside out, through our thoughts and feelings, from moment to moment. Experiences are made of our very personal (and innocent) thoughts and feelings - and they are made within ourselves. 3P is rooted in turning the old psychological understanding on its head. We shouldn't look to the past for causes and explanations, because that doesn't solve anything in itself. But we should look in the direction of how our thinking works. Conversations therefore focus on how we think and feel and less on what we think and feel. When we look in the direction of 3P, it's about being human.

We all operate according to the same natural laws. We all have the same opportunities to have a good life, regardless of our situation. We all have an innate healthy system that we can return to. When we begin to discover how the basic principles of the mind actually work, we will experience greater satisfaction, more inner peace, more joy, better and stronger relationships, more mental clarity and thus better ability to navigate life well.


I'm interested in people. About life, the wrinkles it throws and how it can look so different depending on the thinking we have available at the moment. I'm interested in people who long for peace, joy and more well-being. I have extensive experience working with relationships - those with others and with ourselves, stress/anxiety, worries/anxiety, crises and self-esteem/self-perception.

My motivation for my work is that I know that we all have what we need to feel good. I've been through many ups and downs in my life and I know what it means when life gets tough. I also know that we're all always okay, behind the thoughts that we're not. I love pointing that out to people who want to be in the conversation with me.

My advice

There is always a way. Nothing is constant or solid, even if it sometimes feels that way. The life inside us is always looking to feel good. Also in you. This can be very nice to know when you're in a place where everything may seem difficult and heavy. 

If you feel that you need someone to help you feel good again, recognise that feeling when you talk to them. As Sydney Banks said, "Go with the feeling. There's a big difference between talking to someone who points you in the direction of your own inner wisdom and adopting someone else's beliefs. A good conversation partner will always help you to recognise life and all that is healthy within you."

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” -Sydney Banks

External training

3P Institute

Educated 3P Practitioner and Master Practitioner.

Sofia Manning

Master coach

I have taken the following specialisations: Facilitator Master Coach, Child and Youth Master Coach, Couples and Relationship Master Coach, Enneagram Master Coach, Stress Master Coach, Conflict Management Master Coach.

Certified in DISC Person Analysis

HR Solutions

ACT course

By Ida Thyrring and Tine Agerskov


Sofia Manning


Silkeborg School of Nursing

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