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Price 45 min €105 and 90 min €175

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Experience in counselling

I have extensive experience working with problems related to stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. This can range from dealing with everyday stress to recovering from depression. It can also involve different forms of anxiety, procrastination, or sleep problems.

This is how I work

For me, it is important to agree on a common problem formulation with my clients. I see it as my task to create a safe environment and a good relationship where the client feels comfortable exploring aspects of themselves that were previously avoided. When it comes to counselling, it is combined with internet-based CBT treatments in areas such as stress, depression, anxiety and sleep problems. The treatments are designed to provide self-awareness and knowledge, but also to provide a tool to use in everyday life.

A typical first meeting

A typical first session, whether online or in person, usually involves you telling us why you have come to therapy. Sometimes it can be hard to put into words, and that's okay. Then I ask follow-up questions and together we try to get a picture of you and what kind of support you need. I also tell you briefly about myself and how I usually work. Then together we find a focus area and a plan for the future.

A greeting from the therapist

If you come to me, you may be seeking therapy because you feel that you often get stuck in thought processes such as worrying, ruminating or self-criticism. It is not uncommon for you to fall into behaviors that further complicate your life. You may feel insecure in contact with others or work more than you want to and have high demands to perform. What these processes have in common is that they prevent you from taking on everyday life and the challenges life often brings. Together we can resolve what prevents you from feeling good.

My advice

  • You have to start somewhere, why not here and now?

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